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We are a bunch of Singaporeans living in Australia. Fuelled by our love for the local seasonal fresh produce direct from the farms, we started Finest Harvest. Through Finest Harvest, we want our fellow Singaporeans to enjoy this wholesome farm to table experience in the comfort of your homes and offices.


With FINEST HARVEST, we partner directly with the Australian farmers, so that we can guarantee the freshness of our produce. Our top-selling farm fresh fruit is Australian White Peach which is full of flavour, sweet and chin-dripping juicy. 


As we expand our operations, we have launched a new brand "FINEST SELECTIONS BY FINEST HARVEST". This is to offer a wider selection of seasonal and premium fruits which are carefully sourced from other countries as well. We stay committed to providing our customers with high quality, tasty and healthy fruits through our hassle-free and convenient home & workplace delivery service.


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Join us on an educational journey to explore how fruits are grown and handled before they reach you.

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FH LOGO copy.png

Most exported fruits have to be picked way before their prime harvest due to the long distribution process involving agents, wholesalers and retailers. This often means that the fruits have yet to reach their optimum full flavours. 

At FINEST HARVEST, our fruits are sourced directly from Australian farms - picked only when they are ready for harvest then packed and air flown to Singapore right away. Once they arrive, they are ready to be delivered to you! We are committed to bring you the freshest, thus most flavourful and nutritional fruits with our direct "Farm Fresh Right To You" approach!

Check out what's in harvest and submit your interest now! 


Like our page and join us in our journey to experience the hard work of our farmers. Explore how they reap what they sow. Watch how fruits are grown and handled before they reach your table. Be thankful and appreciate the efforts of the people who provide us with produces daily.

  • The process of fruit thinning removes excess fruit, so as to enhance fruit quality and size.

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