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Delivery: 1st/ 2nd week of March


Our fruits are sourced direct from farms. We take in your pre-order while waiting for the harvest. The delivery period will depend on the actual harvest conditions. Once the fruits are harvested, they are air-flown into Singapore and will be delivered to you within the next few days to ensure freshness. Limited freight space per shipment so order early before we're sold out!


We schedule our delivery orders according to regions. We will inform your scheduled delivery date via text message. Standard delivery timing is between 9am to 6pm, Mon - Sat. Please kindly ensure someone is available at your delivery address to receive your order. If you have any special delivery request, we will try our best to accommodate whenever possible.  


Enjoy free delivery for orders above $78, otherwise a delivery fee of $7 applies. 


Taste The FreShness

Enjoy The Difference


Fruits are not produced in factories so they come in different shapes, sizes and skins. Some may look less attractive than others. Beyond the superficial imperfection, the inner flavour and taste are not affected. Fruits are grown naturally and weathered through rain and shine during their growing process. Just like us, we are uniquely different and not guided based on how we look. 


Upon receiving your fruits, please check and inform us immediately if there is any quality issue. For damaged fruits, we have our refund policy in place for the affected fruits. We are committed to provide fresh and quality produce and your satisfaction is important to us.

For our pre-order process, each confirmed order is being accounted for and allocated freight space for it. Therefore, we seek your kind understanding that once payment is made, your order is confirmed and we are unable to accommodate any cancellation request as this would affect our process flow. If you have any queries, please kindly contact us at 9363 4175. 


Thank you!

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